Limestone is included as one of the mineral stones and have light color which is close to white color.

In fact, limestone is the condensed combination of calcium carbonates. If the compression and adhesion benefit from monotony and wholesomeness, these products turn into white limestone which can be consumed as raw material in stone industry.

White Limestone doesn’t contain Iron Oxide combination which turns these products color into red, black or brown.

White Limestone Usage

Due to its economic price, White limestone is utilized widely in construction industry.

White color is considered as one of the significant factors in architecture so this matter has led these stone groups to be high priced.

White Limestone is used in interior and exterior design.

White limestone usage is on walls in interior design mostly. But through its high absorption, it is more applied on the floor of buildings, because limestone is covered by water proof material that makes the floors to be hard and solid.

Owing high resistance to climate changes and very high coldness, limestones is used as exterior frontage of buildings in cold countries.

It is better not to apply limestone in places that acidic rain happens often.

White Limestone Tile

The most common use of white limestone is in form of tile which are provided as polished, honed and leathered products.

It should be noted that MGT Stone Co. exports different kinds of white limestone tile to all over the world.

Some of eastern Asian countries, eastern European countries and some of western countries such as Italy buy MGT Stone Company’s white limestone tile permanently.

White Limestone Slab

Additionally, white limestone slab is produced with super high quality and these products are available in MGT Stone Company’s commodity basket to be presented.

White limestone slab is produced without any kinds of net, epoxy and is comprised of high monotony.

Moreover, the large size of MGT Stone Co. slabs is highly mentioned as one of the prominent Significance.

Material Limestone
Code MSL-101
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White

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