White Marble

White Marble

Like all other industries, white color is very important in the stone and construction industry and is undoubtedly the most used in interior decoration. White marble is one of the most popular stones among all other stones almost to everyone. White marble is a neutral color and is considered as a main product in architectural designs. One of the features of white marble is the easy combination with other complementary colors. White marble allows long-term use in different spaces without getting board or tired. Therefore, many consider white to be the most powerful color among other colors in interior decoration.

The use of white marble creates a background that the rest of the decorative accessories with any color looks more visible, and this in itself creates a pleasant creative atmosphere. Marjan stone Company by understanding the needs of customers, produces and offers a wide range of white marble products. Variety types of white marble color range from pure white marble to patterned white marble has a special place in the of Marjan stone production complex  Company. Therefore, Marjan stone Company, with the exclusive production of Venus white marble, has given a suitable answer to the increasing demand of customers regarding pure white marble.

Venus White Marble

Venus white marble is a stone with a bright and clean white background in which there is no line or wave of the same color in the super sort. This beautiful white marble has fine granulation and has a very high strength, which makes it high polishing level and very shiny. Venus white marble also has a sort with lines and black chrome on the background, which creates amazing designs on a very white background of Venus marble. Marjan Stone Company always offers a high variety of these white Venus marble stones.

White Marble Futures

–       Unlimited use in all building spaces, especially in interior decoration

–       White color makes the interior spaces inside look larger

–       White marble makes dimmer spaces brighter

–       Combination of other decorative elements with white

–       Warm dark colors have more effect on white marble

–       The use of white marble as the main stone in interior decoration induces a sense of relaxation and purity.

Material Marble
Code MSM-164
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White

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