White Onyx

White Onyx

Pure white onyx has a very high purity of calcium carbonate. Different types of iron oxides, iron salts, aluminum, magnesium, and some other mineral salts because colored streaks in white onyx. But in the absence of these mineral salts and the high purity of calcium carbonate in it, following immortal metamorphosis and sometimes due to adjacent metamorphosis, a white onyx product is obtained that creates pure white onyx. There are several types of white onyx quarries in Iran. Marjan Stone Company is the most valuable supplier of white onyx by choosing the best type of white onyx.

Snow White Onyx

Snow White onyx is an onyx that is very white and tends to snow white. If it is clean and has no extra streaks, it includes a type of famous Iranian onyx called Snow White onyx.

Uses of white Onyx

The use of white onyx tile dates back thousands of years and is one of the most primitive building materials used by humans. It is as if mankind has realized the value of white onyx for a long time and
thousands of years ago. It was its beauty and resistance that was the reason for its use, and after centuries, traces of white onyx still stand.
Even now, white onyx tile has a very special use in interior decoration, stairs, interior facades, columns, and floors. Uses of white onyx is considered a sign of the ultimate luxury of a project. Marjan Stone Company is a supplier of white onyx tiles with the highest processing quality and is ready to accept and place special orders in this field.

White Onyx slab

One of the most valuable and expensive types of natural stones and onyx is white onyx. Therefore, the latest technology in the world and modern and valuable items in large dimensions and standard slabs and leaves. The beauty of this precious stone has a different effect on its slabs. On the other hand, consumers of this particular product, for which they have to pay a high price, all have a desire and preference to use white onyx slabs. Marjan Stone Company is proud to be the supplier of the best type of white onyx slabs.

White Onyx Block

There is a special and wide demand for Iranian white onyx blocks from all over the world. White onyx block, in terms of design, material, and purity, like many other natural stones, is the best type in Iran and has a global reputation. Marjan Stone Company is ready to supply this special product.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-123
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White


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