Winter Sweet Marble

Winter Sweet Marble

Winter Sweet Marble is a mixed white and greyish color which extends across the surface.  It is as if the painter has painted white and gray with a brush on the canvas. As the name implies, it fills like a winter when snow cover everywhere and you can just see white and white and also grey things that has come out of the snow. Sometimes you can see a beautiful rosy veins in this art. Maybe Like a spring of hot water that has flowed from the heart of the earth in the color of blood to the ground.

Winter Sweet Marble Slabs

You can use winter sweet marble slabs in book match format.

This stone can be transparent like onyx products and with back lighting, you can make the beauty of slabs redouble.

Applications of Winter Sweet Marble

Greyish Marble definitely influences the aesthetics of any project. It shines proudly on walls and floors inside or outside. It can also be applied in bathroom or kitchen countertops.

If there is one marble whose demand has been consistently growing, I can say with courage, it is grey color marbles. Which can go with everything and suitable for any places.

Similar marbles that can also be mentioned here:

Bardiglio Marble

Bardiglio is a dark grey and white marble that is often called Bardiglio Scuro, with “scuro” meaning “dark color” in Italian. Bardiglio will have a mix of light and dark grey tones within a slab, along with some areas of white.

Silver Grey Marble

Silver Grey Marble, also called “Silver Shadow Marble, Silver Shadow Gray Marble” is exquisite site range of light grey marble brings with it an ambience of elegance and authority. As being a beautiful Turkish grey marble.

Pearl Grey Marble

Its white, gray and black veins create interesting surface movement.

Sicily Grey Marble

Sicily Grey marble is also known as Grey William Marble or Maroon Marinace Marble. It’s a lovely soft grey Turkish marble with striking markings of different shades of grey and white veining with fine grain and uniform texture.

St Moritz Marble

Saint Moritz marble has an off-white background with patches of grey and subtle shades of blue which form patterns that create a masterpiece. This stone would work great in lower traffic applications like a butler’s pantry or a small kitchen work station.

Material Marble
Code MSM-129
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White


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