Similar to other colors of travertine, Yellow Travertine is also of exponential demand all over the world. The Iranian yellow travertine is of very light and shiny yellow color and is mostly extracted from northwest of Iran where substantially rich quarries of these stones are located .

Yellow travertine is supplied by Marjan Stone either as cross-cut or the vein-cut to the local and global market. This Yellow Travertine of Marjan Stone by its warm and gorgeous color creates a different look in many interior and exterior architectural spaces.

Yellow Travertine Tile

Though accent color is not a trend anymore, yellow travertine tiles are still being used to ornament exceptional projects. Yellow Travertine is mostly used as a decorative accent material in special spaces. To ensure the satisfaction of the clients, Marjan Stone offers different finishes of the stone such as polished, honed, antiqued and leathered.

Gold Yellow Travertine

The color of this stone is the closest in Marjan Stone collection to the gold. A variety of gold shades from light to dark are available in Marjan Stone product list. We in Marjan Stone strongly recommend clients to select the vein cut of this stone that better represents gold material and in combination of dark brown or even sometimes black color displays a natural, warm and welcoming beauty.





Material Travertine
Code MST-118
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Yellow

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