Absolute Black Marble

Absolute Black Marble

Absolute Black Marble is a marble with a very dark black background in which thin white lines create a different product from other types of black marbles. Black marble is widely used in construction today. However with the increasing acceptance of various modern designs, the use of white or black color in interior designs has become a common parameter in all luxury projects. Due to the reasonable prices of black stone compared to the very high prices of white luxury stones, the use of black marble is more justified.

Meanwhile, Absolute Black Marble can be considered as one of the most luxurious types of Black Marble. Marjan Stone Company pays special attention to the production of various types of black marbles in general, which results in the most diverse types of black marbles, including Royal Black Marble.

Dark Black Marble

Due to the very dark and uniform background color, absolute black marble is also called dark black marble. The lower the whiteness and fossils of this product, the higher the quality of dark black marble. The only product that have a darker and more colorful background color than dark black marble, is the very beautiful product called Royal Black Marble from Marjan stone Company.

Usage of Absolute Black Marble

Marble is used for indoor purposes In general. Their use in outdoor spaces that are exposed to sunlight is not recommended at all by Marjan Stone Company to esteemed consumers. Using Absolute Black Marble indoors and not using it outdoors is even more important. Using Absolute Black Marble outdoors destroys the polishing.

Absolute Black Marble can be used as the main stone in the floor of interior spaces that have good natural light. The use of absolute black marble under high artificial light is also very popular. Also, the use of this amazing product in a variety of decorative, handicraft and decorative works, the use of bathrooms in luxury projects, the use as kitchen counters and cabinets, the use as elevator frames are other uses of Absolute Black Marble.

Absolute Black Marble Slab

Absolute Black Marble slab is one of the most popular types of black marble slabs. The mineral structure of this valuable product has made the blocks extracted from this quarry to have standard and large lengths and widths. The result is slabs with a maximum size and sometimes with a height of 2 meters and a length of 3 meters. The lower the whiteness and the darker the background, the higher the quality of Absolute Black Marble slabs. But sometimes the diagonal white veins in it in the production of book match and fore match produced by the Marjan Stone Company create amazing and verity of designs. Marjan Stone Company is the provider of the highest quality type of Absolute Black Marble slabs to you, dear customers.

Absolute Black Marble futures

–       Very high density

–       High polishing level and unique Transparency

–       Abrasion resistance, compression and high strength

–       Design differences to other similar products

–       Higher price comparing other black marbles

–       Widely used in interior decoration

–       Harder and more specialized production than other types of marbles

Material Marble
Code MSM-172
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Black

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